Tales From The Taiga

Welcome to a journey into the tales, myths and traditions of the North.

Tales from the Taiga is a visual story of a time when gods and spirits walked beside humans and every creek, rock and tree had its own guardian spirit.

Tales were born on the fire lit lips of humans as they gathered together by a bonfire in the dark of the night. Spoken words were carefully memorized and transmitted from generation to generation as a valued legacy. Tales instructed people how to get along with nature's powers and spirits. If one listened to the tales, one knew how to avoid dangers and how to safely harvest the riches one came upon on one's journeys.

Through myths and stories people understood their place and role in the world and lived their lives in harmony with nature. Nature offered food and shelter as well as companions for the walk of life. It was not always easy to understand the powers of nature and, when this happened, guidance was sought from oracles, shamans and healers. An angered nature spirit was appeased with the right words and offerings, a strength stealing illness chased away with carefully chosen herbs.

But many also knew how to approach the helpful spirits of nature by themselves. When a hunting trip was at hand, an offering was made at the start and finish for guidance and protection. And, when someone undertook a long journey, they consulted nature's spirits, gods and messengers to arrive safely at their destination.

Tales from the Taiga is a journey into this sphere of life where the destinies of humans, gods and nature mingled and intertwined effortlessly. There were no humans without nature and gods. And without humans, there were no tales nor myths.